Ed Nutting

General Enquiries

For general enquiries that do not relate to any of the headings below, please use one of the following links.

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Please be aware, my publicly displayed email is aggressively spam filtered. Contacting me via LinkedIn or Twitter is more likely to gain a quick and reliable response. My private email address, from which I will reply, is different to my public address.


For enquiries related to FlingOS, please use one of the following links.

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Jobs & Services

For enquiries about jobs and services that I offer or may be interested in, please contact me via LinkedIn (or if you don't have a LinkedIn account, please use my public email address but be aware, I may be slow in replying as it is aggresively spam filtered).

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Shop / Sales

For enquiries relating to my shop or relating to any purchase made through my shop, please contact me via my website admin address given below.

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