Ed Nutting

Curriculum Vitae

British citizen   ·   Bristol UK   ·   +44 (0) 7429-771-024

Final-year PhD student seeking a job commencing January 2021 in functional programming hardware verification or something unexpected and interesting. I have a very broad range of technical experience (from Verilog to Agda to TypeScript) and creativity - see my YouTube channel.

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This page was last updated in August 2020.

Technical Skills

I'm a full-stack developer: FPGAs to website front-ends. I am capable of picking up new frameworks and tools quite quickly.

Programming Languages

Proficient Agda C Assembly (various) TypeScript HTML CSS JavaScript
Competent Haskell VerilogPython C# SystemVerilog MSIL
Familiar SQL C++ Java PHP Idris


Proficient VSCode (inc. numerous extensions) Visual Studio Git Github Github Pages
Competent Emacs Gitkraken Slack Discord Vivado ModelSim JasperGold Notepad++ GHC GCC LLVM MSVC
Familiar IntelliJ PostgreSQL MS SQL Server Perforce BeyondCompare Gitlab GDB WinDBG


Django jQuery .NET (and Core) ASP.NET


Proficient Windows Ubuntu Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)
Competent Arduino Zedboard
Familiar RaspberryPi Docker AWS Google Cloud

Specialist knowledge

Garbage collection Proof by refinement Computer architecture (supv. Prof. David May)

Soft skills

Technical presentations, teaching and mentoring, team leadership

Creative Skills

I create YouTube videos in my free time explaining low-level topics in Computer Science: computer architecture, assembly code, operating systems, etc. I sometimes freelance and have been paid or sponsored for some of my work. I operate my own equipment and sometimes provide voice-overs for other people's videos.


Nikon-based, Indoor, Greenscreen, Interviews, Talking-head, Low-speed sports, Live presentations, Lighting, Composition, Editing Premiere Pro, Camtasia, custom software, Nikon cameras


Explainers, Interviews, Live recording (presentations, sports venues, ambient sound), Editing, Acoustic treatment Adobe Audition, Audacity, Blue Yeti, SM57, SM58, Rhode Video mics, Rhode Lapel mics, Focusrite 2i2


Script writing, Voice overs, Simple photoshop edits, Social media campaigns


PhD: Computer Science

University of Bristol  ·  2017 - present day

Currently writing up. Submission and review due (at the latest) April 2021.

During this time my colleagues and I also attempted to spin the technology out into a startup - see BeyondRISC below.

Bachelors of Engineering: Computer Science and Electronics

University of Bristol  ·  2014 - 2017  ·  1st class honours

During my undergraduate degree, I was very active in student societies, outreach and the department, raising over £24,000 in sponsorship for the electronics society (BEEES), Women in Engineering Society and outreach. See also my FlingOS project. Please feel free to ask me about the modules I studied.

Boeing award for best thesis
Awarded for the best final-year thesis of 3rd and 4th years (masters students) in my peer group.
MVSE* award for significant contribution to outreach programme.
I started the Digimakers Roadshow programme which has now reached over 1,000 Bristol primary school students in over a dozen schools.
Dissertation graded 83% and formed the starting point of my PhD studies.
* The Merchant Venturers School of Engineering (MVSE) has since been renamed to the School of Computer Science Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Engineering Mathematics (SCEEM).


Integrated Hardware Garbage Collector (IHGC)

2017 - present day

A concurrent, zero-blocking, hardware garbage collector suitable for real-time and embedded systems and scalable to larger systems. Subject of my undergraduate and PhD dissertations.

My colleagues and I attempted to spin-out the IHGC design into a startup: BeyondRISC. I lead this effort, writing business plans, financial plans and pitching to investors. Unfortunately, Covid-19 has caused significant problems raising investment and for our team, so while we are always on the lookout for an opportunity to pursue this business, we will be pausing our efforts for the moment.

8-bit Minecraft Computer (educational version)


Video series teaching computer architecture through the design and build of an 8-bit computer in Minecraft. Based upon the same teaching architecture used at the University of Bristol (Hex8). Check out the design videos and build livestreams on YouTube.


2014 - 2017  ·  www.flingos.co.uk

OS and compiler written from scratch in C# for the purposes of teaching OS design and development. Raised over £8000 of funding from Imagination Technologies and Intel. This was used to develop the system, hire an intern, create a series of explainer videos, write online articles, and deliver lectures and workshops within the University of Bristol. I also gave presentations to tech groups across the Southwest UK region. This project inspired the question to which the IHGC was the answer.

Slide My Way

2011 - 2013

I developed the technology behind the world-first, animated, online advertising system that used only HTML/CSS/JS (no Adobe Flash). Adverts displayed correctly in every major browser on all major devices (desktop, laptop, tablets and mobiles including iPhone, Android and Blackberry). Entirely online, no-tech-knowledge-required editor and fully integrated with major ad delivery networks. Closed after Google launched HTML5 Creatives approximately 6 months after our launch.



Essaimage Associates

3 months each year of 2016 – 2018

One of three technical interviewers recruiting 2nd year undergraduates for 6 to 13-month placements each year for a company in Munich (now a part of Siemens).


See Projects above.


University of Bristol

2016 - 2017

Assistant to Caroline Higgins for 13 months during my final year helping to manage the University of Bristol Computer Science, Electronics and Electrical Engineering and Engineering Maths outreach programme. Set up the Digimakers Roadshow programme. As workshop leaders I trained 12 students and took teams of 4 to over 22 primary and secondary schools in the Bristol region. We primarily taught programming using the BBC Microbit platform.

2017 - present

I continue to participate in a number of outreach activities such as work experience week and Digimakers.


Summer 2016

Working remotely with clients in London, designed and developed two one-week-long educational programmes for children aged 9 to 13. These programmes were to teach basic logic and state machines using popular platforms such as Minecraft and Python.

Headstart Mentor

Summers 2016 and 2017

Lead mentor for a week managing thirty 17-year-olds in a week of learning and excitement with activities including robot building and programming, lectures, team building exercises and innovation challenges.


University of Bristol

As a PhD student I was lead teaching assistant for Intro to Computer Architecture (1st year UG course), Overview of Computer Architecture (MSc Conversion course) and Design Verification (3rd year UG course).

During my undergraduate degree I delivered guest lectures in computer architecture, IDEs and debugging and other topics.

Schools (various)

I have helped out teachers in various schools (primary and secondary) across Bristol including A-level CS lessons for particular topics, A-level project advice and tutoring, CS taster lessons and teacher training sessions.


Provided one-to-one tutoring for two students, both of whom suffered from severe mental health issues. With my support these individuals were able to pass all their exams and graduated with a 1st class degree.


Imagination Technologies

Summers 2013, 2014

Intern in the Windows Graphics Driver division of PowerVR graphics. Worked with C, Python and C++ to test the driver and develop sample video encode/decode drivers for customers.