Ed Nutting


Hi! My name's Edward Nutting (but I prefer just Ed). I was born in Enfield, London in March '96 but have since moved to Bristol for university. I've tried a lot of things in the past but am always up for new stuff. Below is a short summary of "the things which stuck".

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It's fair to say that my hobby and passion is also my subject and my work. I started programming when I was around 8 years old by getting a book from a library. My dad also helped teach me quite a bit and I was quickly hooked. Why? Because you can make computers do stuff - cool stuff - and exactly what you want them to (if you know how).

My personal laptop

As a brief summary of my wanderings in tech: I started out with C# Windows Forms, did some network and games stuff, meandered into web development, made an innovative web advertising startup then turned towards low level. Since making an 8 bit computer in Minecraft and working on graphics for Imagination Technologies, I've gradually delved to lower and lower depths, starting with FlingOS and progressing to my current research into new hardware design. C# is still my favourite and preferred language though.

Over the last 12 years I've learnt a lot and there's still so much more to go. I thoroughly enjoy my work and am looking forward to continuing my career doing a meaningful job that I actually enjoy. If I can choose what I do (preferably my own ideas), even better!

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I failed Violin back in primary school so it wasn't until I was 15 that I was pursuaded to give saxophone a go. I started on tenor sax and took to it fairly quickly. Since then, I've enjoyed playing it but have struggled to balance practice time with everything else I do.

My saxophone (mouthpiece)

I completed jazz grade 6 and started learning for grade 7. Nowadays I just play for fun and can sometimes be heard busking near my flat in Bristol with my housemate on guitar. I've never joined a band (something on the todo list I suppose) and mostly just improvise for my own relaxation.

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Hill Walking

Nearly every year, I've been walking in the Lake District. Also ticked off the list are (a few of) the Alps, (some) of the Rockies (Canada), the Rainbow Mountains and others in Iceland, some of the Peak District and various other places in Europe.

Photo by Ross of myself and John overlooking Wast Water in the Lake District

I'm not a climber so at best I scramble up stuff. Summer 2016 my friends went with me camping for a weekend and I've organised a few other group and personal trips up to the Lakes. I tried wild camping for the first time and had an amazing experience. There's nothing quite like seeing a herd of deer leaping across the col you've just woken up in at 6am with the sun gleaming over the peaks.

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Photography & Filming

Recently FlingOS has lead me towards animated videos and editing. As a result, I've become more interested in photography and filming (two rather different but related things). Along with my existing interest in digital audio, I've started to experiment with taking photos of events and filming short explainer videos. I might eventually start making some of it public! A few (but by no means all) of the photos on this site are my own.

Some people I took a photo of at a local night-time event

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Water Polo and Swimming

Life isn't complete without a full-on sport and until I was seventeen that sport was swimming and waterpolo. I love the game, its intensity, rapidness, complex group coordination and self control and the skills required. Swimming too is freeing in a way that must be similar to Sky Diving but without the terrifying fall and risk of death.

Unfortunately, when I was about 16, I suffered an injury which has prevented since from playing water polo. I now occasionally go swimming but have to be quite careful.